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Cement Silo Radar Level Meter
Availability: 5 nos
Code: @VUK-PMR-26-04
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Cement Silo Radar Level Meter

  • Versatility  for  various  application
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Almost no corrosion, bubble effect,almost not affected by water vapor in atmosphere,                                                   the temperature and pressure changes.
  • High signal to noise ratio.
  • High frequency, measurement of solid and low dielectric constant of the best choice.
  • A shorter wavelength, the reflection of solid surface inclination is better.
  • Easy to onsite calibration
  • Enhanced safety (no direct contact with material)

Power Supply 24VDC
Output 4~20mA/HART
Measuring Accuracy ±10mm/±15mm
Temperature -40°C~130°C
Pressure -0.1 ~ 0.3MPa
Frequency Range 26GHz
Beam Angle 12°
Display Inbuild
Antenna Type Dish
Antenna Material Stainless Steel
Enclosure Material Die-cast Aluminium
Protection Rating IP67
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