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Capacitance Level Switch
Availability: Unlimited
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Capacittance level switch

  • Real-time display of capacitance value.
  • User can choose low and high level alarm in single switch.
  • High reliability and sensitivity(0.1pF)
  • Wide range of materials(conductive and non conductive) can detect.
  • It can overcome the influence of probe adhesion and hanging material on measurement.
  • Easy to set: Sensitivity and alarm delay.
  • High response time

Display Built in
Temperature -20〜 80℃
Switching Delay Adjustable
Pressure 0.1 ~ 10MPa
Resolution 1.0 pF
Switch Mode Upper or lower limit alarm
Enclosure Material Die-Cast Aluminium alloy
Environmental Humidity ≤ 95% RH
Relative to dielectric constant ε ≥ 1.5
Measurement Range 0~2500pF
Response Time 0.25 seconds
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